NUUK—The Oceans North Kalaallit Nunaat Board of Directors has appointed Jenseeraq Poulsen as the Greenland-based organization’s new executive director.

Oceans North Kalaallit Nunaat (ONKN) promotes marine protection and sustainable use of marine living resources in partnership with Greenlandic stakeholders such as organizations, local communities, and researchers. ONKN was established on September 14, 2021, and is based in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk.

“I am certain ONKN will have an executive director who can further advance the organization and ensure a focus on the development of sustainable use of our living resources in equal part with our wider society, institutions and other partners,” says Jens Immanuelsen, chair of ONKN’s Board of Directors.

Starting his position in early April 2023, Poulsen was chosen by the Board due to his extensive experience in strategic management and project management for both public organizations and private companies, as well as his in-depth knowledge of the political administrative system.

Louie Porta, executive director of Oceans North Canada and board member of ONKN, says, “Tasks are best solved together, and from the Canadian side, we look forward to collaborating with Jenseeraq on shared projects. We have a common desire to create a lasting NGO in Greenland, focusing on the sustainable use of living resources and a healthy marine environment.”

Poulsen’s past work has given him thorough insight into organizational development and strategy processes. As the new director, Poulsen will work to ensure the continued development ONKN as an environmental foundation and NGO.

“I’m no stranger to NGO work,” Poulsen says. “My many years of commitment and experience in a political organization give me solid competence to promote ONKN’s focus areas. Arctic nature is vulnerable, and we have an obligation to ensure that we can live in, and with, it for many years to come. I am looking forward to anchoring sustainability via ONKN, so that sustainable development, including use and protection, both meets the needs of society without destroying opportunities for our descendants.”

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