Learn about one of the greatest beluga migrations in the world.

Welcome to The Ocean Project, a new podcast that investigates the most pressing issues facing Canada’s three oceans.

Oceans North created this podcast to explore the challenges facing the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans as climate change and industrial expansion impact these regions. We also wanted to hear directly from people in Indigenous and coastal communities about how the changing marine environment is affecting them, and what should be done to protect these waters.

In this pilot season, co-hosts Colleen Turlo, a marine conservation expert with Oceans North, and Bob Keating, a journalist, take us on a journey to each of these oceans.

In the first episode, they visit the Atlantic, where the decline of mackerel, a small forage fish, is causing concern.


Episode two travels to the Pacific, where big companies are keen to launch a disturbing new industry: scraping the bottom of the ocean for minerals, a practice that threatens the marine ecosystem.


In upcoming episodes, they head to the Arctic, where a giant iron ore mine wants to double its production—despite potential risks to narwhal from increased shipping. That’s caused alarm in nearby Inuit communities, where harvesting marine mammals is an important food source and part of the culture. And in the final episode, Colleen and Bob visit the shores of Hudson Bay, where one of the greatest beluga migrations in the world takes place each year. There, they find out more about these amazing whales and their importance to Indigenous communities, as well as examine how a national marine protected area could help ensure a healthy beluga population.

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Ruth Teichroeb is communications director at Oceans North.

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